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Security Awareness Training

Security Awareness Training:

Education, Education, Education!!!!!

Security awareness training is the most important aspect of preventing social engineering attacks because it is one thing for an employee to say they won’t hand out vital information but given the right set of circumstances they will willingly hand it out to anyone who knows how to ask. And they always do. There can be no prevention of these types of theft without knowledge that they exist and since most companies and agencies only hold a short meeting stating “Don’t give out confidential informat

Somebody's watching me.

Somebody may be watching you right now. Don’t you think it’s time you see who it is?

ion or we’ll be sued”, they are the most vulnerable. Competitive intelligence and industrial espionage have thrived on the abilities of social engineers for ages and there’s little hope that this trend will decrease without educating the public.


Security awareness training is all about illustrating how each piece of information that an attacker can derive from their mark, is a stepping stone to bigger and better information and another nail in your coffin; it’s about realizing that almost everyone uses social engineering to one degree or another without knowing it; this process and realization is referred to as operational security. Seminars are always based on your company’s needs, not some theoretical model dreamed up inside a coffeeshop. After evaluating your company, we analyze what types of issues your employees know how to deal with and then create situations that the employees role play to see how they are properly dealt with. The re-evaluation will determine how effectively the training was comprehended and how well your company performs at operational security.


We don’t stop with training the employees. We teach you to setup and operate physical security, whether that means you hire security guards or simply add a lock to a door to halt unwanted traffic. Technical security for training your IT department to handle procedures properly. And lastly, personnel security is to handle any employee turnover you deal with since that is a huge source of information for your competition.


My company has a lot of employee turnover and new hires, you say? We can train your employees once and train someone at your company how to train any new hires and removing any need for us to personally train each and every one. This employee can then be retrained at regular intervals to keep up with the technologies available.

With operational, technical, physical and personnel security, your company will be more equipped to handle any attacks by your competition or disgruntled ex-employees and keep your business on the fast track.