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Ok, before we go any further. Hackers are not the evil, hard-drive formatting, virus spreading, credit card stealing demons that they are reported to be by the media. Hackers are people that have such a love for knowledge that they will study a technology until they understand it possibly even more fully than the creators. People who destroy or steal are likely not hackers but rather are what is referred to as "script kiddies" because they use someone else's program, etc. to do damage since they have no real skills of their own. Sure some hackers will do damage and some will steal but the majority of hackers have little interest in this; all they care about is learning the technology.

I have to make this distinction because I hire hackers to do some of my training. HIRE HACKERS, you say? Yeah, and if I didn't hire them, maybe you'd like me to put them in the unemployment line where they can bitterly think about all the wrong that has been done to them and how your company wouldn't give them a chance to show their talents can be used for good, or maybe I should just send them to your competition instead? If you want to build a better car, you do not go to a junk yard to study the cars there; you find all the cars in the world that are still running well and you study them. These people are the best in the field and everyone can learn from their skills and attitudes.

Many(all?) of the casinos in Las Vegas do NOT hire cheaters to teach them how it is done. Instead they try, in vain, to stick to the policy that if the person never stole from anyone in the world that they are much more knowledgeable and trustable. However, a few years ago, a top programmer for a Nevada gaming company was brought up on charges and convicted for putting a backdoor in an electronic gambling game, so even the best of people fall victim to greed. On top of all that, the casinos have a disadvantage in that they are only ever able to almost keep up with but never be one step ahead of their "competition"..because they don't hire cheaters who have the ability to think this way. I'm betting that your network administrator feels the exact same way since so very few are trained to think ahead of the game.

If you are a hacker and seeking a position with People Hacking, contact us and we'll give you "the test".

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